Helping people and teams understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries.

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What is it? 

Insights Discovery is a powerful four quadrant personality-style model that helps us to understand ourselves and others.  It is based upon the work of noted psychologist Carl Jung and uses color energies--Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green, Cool Blue--to describe our inclined behavioral styles.  The resulting output is not a cookie-cutter report like many other tools.  While you may share a similar color energy profile with someone else, your report would be unique to you.  That is one of the things we love about this tool!  

Who is it for? 

This is a tool for everyone as it gives learners the foundation of self-awareness they’ll need to be successful at whatever they do; whether that’s developing themselves, working as part of an effective team, or leading others with authenticity.  Along with professional applications, many participants have found this a powerful and fun tool to use back in their personal environment as well!

Benefits of using Insights Discovery

Every Discovery Personal Profile provides information on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, communications style, and their value to a team. Each profile includes suggestions for development that can be put into practice the very next day. Additional chapters are available to support learning and development across a range of areas. 

Individuals gain a common language that has wide-ranging benefits, including connecting with colleagues across geographical and cultural boundaries, and providing a safe platform for feedback conversations.

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Insights Discovery Assessment


Core Offer Includes

  • Soft copy of the Insights Discovery report including the Foundation and Management Chapters
  • Detailed instructionsĀ for you to self-interpret your results
  • Admission to our global Insights community
  • Bonus: How to Read OthersĀ keyĀ to flex and adapt withĀ others Ā 

Insights Assessment & Coaching Debrief


Most Poweful Offer

  • All of the items included under the Insights Discovery Assessment option
  • PLUS: 60 minute personal Zoom debrief with an Exceleration Partners Coach
  • PLUS:  Set of the highly sought after Insights Discovery Lego blocks to remind you of the power of your color energies

Insights for Your Team/Organization

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  • Virtual and in-person sessions to bring the Insights Discovery to your team and organization
  • Additional Options including 360 and archetype tools and sessions specific to leadership, change, and high performing teams using the Insights color energies