Unmasking Leadership 

A Collection of Facilitator-Led, Cohort-Driven Learning Modules for New & Seasoned Leaders Seeking Skill & Knowledge Enhancement to Become Future-Fit Leaders!

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You Can Lead Effectively In Today's Zoom-Focused Environment And Beyond

While it's true the way we work has shifted dramatically in 2020, what remains unchanged are the core principals around being a powerful human-centered leader. Unfortunately, opportunities to develop or sharpen those skills are not as readily available as employers shift their focus toward adapting to an increasingly virtual world. 

The result is less emphasis on leadership development in the work place. In turn, this means as a leader it can be challenging to feel adequately equipped to handle the unique challenges presented in our current working environment.

Here's the good news: Exceleration Partners has designed a virtual learning journey to fill this gap. Our core program, Unmasking Leadership, is comprised of both Exceleration Partners signature modules as well as some modules designed by our learning partner Development Dimensions International (DDI).  Participating in this learning journey will prepare you to elevate your leadership super-powers in this Zoom-focused environment.


Unmasking Leadership Can Equip You To Lead Powerfully & Confidently

We’ve built this program to be an open-enrollment, facilitator-led, virtual classroom experience. 

It is cohort driven so not only do you have the opportunity to grow as a leader, you also have the opportunity to meet, work with, and learn from other leaders across many companies and industries.

As a participant of Unmasking Leadership, you'll fill your tank with essential skills, tools and knowledge that will enable you to lead your team with confidence while you navigate today's uncertain times. 

Receive Support

As a leader, your role can feel isolating as your team looks to you for guidance. This is compounded in today's Zoom-focused working environment. Because Unmasking Leadership cohort-driven you'll be connected with other leaders on this same journey who are looking for connection and support.

Sharpen Your Skills

Unmasking Leadership has been carefully curated to cover to each area emerging and seasoned leaders should be continuously developing: self-awareness, communication, trust and influence. Through the program, you'll become more effective in using these skills day-to-day.

Develop Your Career

Career development can be challenging in a virtually-centered world. With Unmasking Leadership, you have a unique opportunity to overcome that obstacle. The core program will ensure the key skills you need to keep your career on track will be nurtured and expanded. 

“My work with Exceleration Partners created powerful results with a ripple effect I never anticipated.  The company is much better for that. They helped me be intentional about what was needed to unleash the power in myself and others.”

- Chief Marketing Officer
$2B Multinational Chain

Unmasking Leadership: 4 Core Modules for Skill Development

Unmasking Leadership is compromised of 4 core modules, plus one optional introductory module, designed to equip new and seasoned leaders in key areas of leadership development: self-awareness, effective communication, building and sustaining trust, and influencing others

Each skill area is its own unique course (see descriptions below). The courses are facilitator-led and feature supplemental material to ensure what you learn sticks

These 4 core modules are being bundled together so you can have a unique advantage to develop your skills and expand opportunities. As a result, Unmasking Leadership is being offered at a 20% discount for registrations received by January 15, 2021.  Talk to us about additional discounts for multiple participants from one organization.

Receive Access To All Core Unmasking Leadership Modules for $1995 (savings of $500) Today.

Because the programs are taught live, enrollment is limited. The Early 2021 Cohort begins with an introductory Module 0 on January 20, 2021.  This module is a shorter, introductory session so if you can't attend in person--no worries.  It will be recorded.  Module 1 kicks off February 3, 2021.

Enroll in Unmasking Leadership Today & Save $500

Powerful Self Awareness Discovery Assessment

Unmasking Leadership Core    Module #1 - Beginning 2/3/21

 This course provides participants an opportunity to experience the Insights Discovery Assessment to gain a greater understanding of their inclined behavioral style what it means in terms of their leadership style, mindset, and ultimate success. The Insights Discovery will provide you with a deeper view on how you are hard-wired and viewed by others. 

Communication: Connect Through Conversations

Unmasking Leadership Core Module #2 - Beginning 2/17/21

This course teaches engaging the “heart” (feelings like respect & appreciation) is just as critical as recognizing and addressing the “head” (the business outcome of the conversation). Leaders will recognize the role of emotional intelligence in success as a leader as they develop core leadership skills that apply to the wide range of workplace situations.

Building and Sustaining Trust

Unmasking Leadership Core   Module #3 - Beginning 3/3/21

Warren Buffet once said, “Trust is like the air we breathe – when it's present, nobody really notices; when it's absent, everybody notices.”  This course lays out the trust builders that leaders should be using to create an environment that fosters trust and openness, what we may do to break trust, and how we can repair broken relationships in a powerful way.

Strategies for Influencing Others

Unmasking Leadership Core Module #4 - Beginning 3/17/21

This course shows leaders and individual contributors or team members how to package their ideas in a way that will win over even the most skeptical individuals. Participants will learn tips and strategies for effectively capturing and keeping people’s attention, transforming their perspectives, and gaining their commitment to taking action.

How Unmasking Leadership Works


Once enrolled in the core program, you'll receive access instructions via email. Unmasking Leadership is hosted on our online learning portal, Kajabi. 

These are the module dates:

Module 0 - Set the Stage For The Program & Your Development (Optional live attendance--will be recorded!) - 1/20/21 

Module 1 - Powerful Self-Awareness Discovery Assessment - 2/3/21

Module 2 - Communication: Connect Through Conversations - 2/17/21

Module 3 - Building & Sustaining Trust - 3/3/21

Module 4 - Strategies for Influencing Others - 3/17/21

All modules feature live instruction via Zoom and are held on alternating Wednesdays.  Module 0 --Introduction to the Program-- is a 90 minute session held 1:00pm EST - 2:30pm EST.  Modules 1-4 are three and a half hour sessions held 1:00pm EST - 4:30pm EST.  

Prior to the live instruction on the designated dates above, you'll receive course materials to review.

Alternatively, you can design your own Unmasking Leadership program by choosing individual courses. Each course is offered at a 20% discount (normally $750, but offered at $595).

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Below you'll find the core programs of Unmasking Leadership broken out into individual courses. 

Enroll in a single virtual class and receive a 20% discount on the full price (each class is normally $750). 

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"Marty was amazing and informative. He was very engaging and extremely approachable for additional insight and personalized thought processes for unique, individual challenges."

Virtual Class Participant, Global Technology Company


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This learning journey offers enrolled participants the opportunity to learn new concepts that they can apply immediately to fuel their growth and drive results.  While Exceleration Partners stands by to support participants throughout, individual results are ultimately determined by the amount of energy and efforts the learner commits to participating fully in the program.   Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and do the work so you feel more leadership power throughout 2021!